ExpressionEngine - the disable all global variable

It’s a common technique for EE developers to use a DRY global variable for the disable= Channel entries parameter, where the variable disables categories, member data and pagination. But what if you need to allow say pagination but not categories or pagination?

Here’s a quick tip for you: set up multiple global variables to cover all eventualities!

{gv_disable} - disable categories, member_data and pagination
{gv_disable-c} - disable member_data and pagination but allow categories
{gv_disable-m} - disable categories and pagination but allow member_data
{gv_disable-p} - disable categories and member_data allow pagination
{gv_disable-c-m} - disable pagination but allow categories and member_data
{gv_disable-c-p} - disable member_data but allow categories and pagination
{gv_disable-m-p} - disable categories allow member_data and pagination

Now when you’re writing Channel entry tags in your templates you have instant access to anything you want to disable or enable.

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